5 heathy snacks for Type 2 Diabetes patient


Almonds and Dried Cranberries
For a power-packed diabetes snack that’s sweet and crunchy, try this mix of nuts and dried fruit. Almonds limit the blood sugar spike that normally follows eating and they keep you feeling full.
With this snack, however, portion control is essential, because both foods are calorie-dense and the dried fruit packs a carb wallop. Stick to two tablespoons of each, which adds up to 20 grams of carbohydratesrots or apple slices.
Hummus With Veggies
Build this healthy diabetes snack around one-third cup of hummus. Use it as a dip for cucumber, celery, broccoli, peppers, or carrot sticks. Hummus is calorie-dense but also offers fiber and nutrients. If you don’t like hummus, you can pair veggies with another healthy dip, such as a tablespoon of low-fat salad dressing, 2 tablespoons of plain yogurt, or tzatziki, a Greek yogurt dip made with cucumber, garlic, and spices.
Egg Salad
Hard-boiled eggs provide a protein punch and travel anywhere you do. You can also mash a hard-boiled egg with about a teaspoon of low-fat mayonnaise, or add an extra egg white or two for more protein. Eat this diabetes snack with five multigrain -crackers or spread on a slice of whole-grain bread. Or, for a change of pace, have it with a small serving of fruit, such as a handful of grapes.


Banana-Berry Smoothie
Blend half a small banana, a half-cup of no-fat milk or yogurt, and a half-cup of frozen berries for this flavorful and refreshing diabetes snack. Adding ice during blending will thicken up the smoothie without adding more calories or carbs.
Snacks should be less than 150 calories, which can be challenging with smoothies, so measure your ingredients carefully for this healthy recipe. For a protein boost, add a dash of protein powder to the mix.

Whole Apple

One small apple with the skin on is a diabetes snack that provides about 20 grams of carbohydrates. To jazz it up with 10 more grams of carbs and added flavor, slice the apple and spread 1 tablespoon of natural peanut butter on the slices. Adding peanut butter to meals may help control blood sugar levels and manage hunger.

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