ACT LIKE A MAN:some mistakes men make when trying to win a lady over.

A lot of men finding it difficult to ask a girl out or you might have doing everything right but at the end of it all u still don’t get girl u can. Don’t give up yet with this following steps u might find out some errors u made along the way or learn new tricks

1. The money drop off techniques

The first step after u have met the girl u like, u guys have spoken on the phone for a quiet a while and u invited her to come over,

Remember : don’t hit on the first day: i will tell u why in other steps.

This first step will simply guide in the way to give a to drop off money in a lady’s purse.This may come as a shocking to some guys, most ladies dont like been handed of cash when they visit.

As much as it is romantic that u walk her out to get a taxi or call an uber driver for her, they still don’t like their men asking how much will it cost for her to get home

OK enough with all of that, this is a simple trick to drop off the money, we subconsciously have a way of of letting u know what to do. Has a girl visited you and ask of the restroom or she wants to make a call outside? This will be the right time to drop off the money u intended to give her hand to hand.

So when she’s about to leave u walk her out and say goodbye, allow her to assume what ever she wants till she gets to her destination and she’s about to pay the uber or taxi driver then she finds the money.

100% sure she will call to say thanks and she will kind u more attractive and a true gentleman.

2. The call

As much as u like a lady u can’t assume she knows how much u like her or you’re in love with her.

The call has been used for centuries and till date it still works, when you first met her you were constantly calling to check up on her or to express how u feel about her, now that she’s your the amount of time you call her has drop.

Women constantly want to be loved, if the flame you both once had is death we then to look for another person to make that spark.

I know you can’t always keep calling but the tip here is call her two times in a day everyday, that she show her you love her just as the very day u both met. It will make her love u more and want you more.

3. The text

From the second tip i know someone might have thought but i text her every day while there is a difference between call and text.

Text her means encourage her, send her text messages everyday of encouragement

If she’s banker send her messages that tells her how important she is in her work, how she should keep thriving

If she’s a student send messages that encourages her read, pass her exams

What ever field your lady is try as much as possible to encourage her,if you are a religious person send her religious quotes.

4. Compliment her

It is good enough that your lady is beautiful and sexy, “beauty is in the hands of the beholder”

Here is a fact “did u know women become depress five minutes after looking at a magazine or pictures online?” What I’m trying to say here is that we women can be depress while others like to call it “jealousy” just by mere looking at our fellow ladies, why this is because their might be something that lady has on that we admire but we are sad because we don’t have it, Someone might say thats her problem but its not it’s just the way our brains work.

As a man give your lady a complement two or three times a day everyday, share the complement how u want to say it in a day maybe one in the morning and before you go to bed how ever it suits u

Note: it is very important to say something sweet to ur lady in the morning before she leaves for work or school. Why because she mpst feel important in her world this will help her during the day, or at work.

Complements like :’ you’re the most beautiful thing that has happened to me

You are strong woman

I love the way you’re always prepared to take on the world

You’re are my world

Come up with something and mean it when you say it.

6. ask her out

Just because she’s into you doesn’t mean she’s yours, most guys make the mistake of making a lady feel special while in their heads they are dating.

Until the day you ask her “will be my Lady or girlfriend” to her you’re not her man that’s some of us can still hang out with other guys because u never asked her out and when you ask her why she’s behaving like that she will tell you “it’s not we are dating or something”

Never assume that the both of u are on the same page til u pop the question.

7. Date night

Someone will be like woo this is not my thing or not for someone like me. The question i want to ask you is why do you think couples that come up with such things can’t get enough of themselves?

Things like date night

Couple night, movie night

Game night and all of that its because they’re trying to keep the flame burning, if things like this are a set in places both of you will get bored of each other. Date night

doesn’t really have to mean fancy restaurant, things that above your pay grade, the both of you can do your date night indoor,some romantic music playing a glass of wine, chocolates, and a nice meal.

As her man come up with ways to make fall in love with you all over again and again.

I hope with listed above techniques you will be able to get that girl.

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