The best skin remedy during harmattan season

Harmattan occurs between November to March in most west African subcontinent, which comes with a lot of dust and most time people find it difficult to breathe and maintain their skin.

If you’re dealing with dry skin and broken lips in this harmattan season or you have applied all kind of skin lotion and nothing seems to be working, your skin turns white every minute or you have broken skin, lips and you can’t wait for this harmattan to be over ?

Here is the best solution for your skin.

Rose water!!!

Rose water is a liquid made from water and rose petals, it has anti-inflammatory properties, it helps smoothen your skin and prevent dry skin,acne,eczema,broken skin and skin hydration etc.

How to use rose water

1. You can mix it with your body lotion; rose water is lighter than your body lotion, when mixing it make sure that you put more of the rose water than the body lotion, it shouldn’t be too watery.

2. You can apply it directly on your dry skin or affected part of your body: use one quarter of the cap of the rose water on your body

Rose water give the best results during this harmattan season , you can get it at any convenient store closer to you, try rose water today and drop a comment of your results below.

Looking forward to your response(s).

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