The *Wuhan Coronavirus*- Pandemia?”

Spreading at an alarming rate all across the globe, the Coronavirus, is being dubbed the Wuhan coronavirus as it’s thought to have first made the jump from animals to man at a Wuhan Snake Market in China.

Over 5,000 thousand cases have been confirmed so far with the death toll from this viral infection climbing incessantly.

The virus is spreading fast, originating from China it has now been confirmed in Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, The Philipines, Vietnam, Malaysia and as it slowly grows into a pandemic, in parts of Australia, Canada and the US.

Clearly its being taken very serious as one city in China are well on their way into frantically building a hospital that will cater exclusively to patients infected with the deadly virus.

The fatality rate of this virus has been compared to that of the spanish flu catastrophe which occured about 100 years ago, killing around 50 million people.

Experts have said it could take years to develop a vaccine against the deadly virus as it exhibits flu-like symptoms of fever, sore throat, running nose, headaches and coughing.

Medical experts have advised a high level of peronal hygiene be kept, by constantly washing hands with soap & clean water, using disinfectants, wearing nose masks in large crowds and drinking loads of water daily.

They have also warned against the ingestion of delicacies consisting of bats and snakes as these are animals that may be harboring the virus.

A desperate appeal has been made to anyone experiencing any of the flu-like symptoms to report at a hospital for immediate checkups and treatmemts as the case may be. Everyone is being warned not to dismiss any signs or underestimate the deadly Wuhan Coronavirus

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