Exercise’ Find out what your body type is and how long you need to exercise for per time……..

Exercise means a lot to different people it can be yoga,sport,workouts and a lot

More. Today’s guest talks about what exercise is to him.

Let my audience know a little more about you?

My name is SP (Dr) Aladesanmi Adedapo, a veterinary surgeon working with the Force Animal Branch of the Nigeira Police. A native of Ekiti state, Ado-Ekiti to be precise who graduated from the veterinary medical school at the university of Ibadan.

I spend my free time reading freely, going out to places of relaxation, listening to music, exercising to keep fit and trying new things.

1.What is exercise to you ?

Exercise to me is a tool with which one can maintain a good health status. It becomes wholesome when one understands that it isn’t limited to the physical alone but also has mental aspects to it. The true benefits of both aspects become clear when we find a balance between them to help create better well being.

2.Why do you exercise?

I exercise mostly to keep my mind and body alert and healthy. Also looking good helps me feel good about myself and it translates into me being better able to push the good vibes out into my enviroment.

3. Why should I exercise?

I think everyone should take advantage of the different physical and mental exercise regiments that exist today to exercise their body and mind because it helps to maintain a premium health status and feed the mind with good vibes which ultimately help to create better living conditions for one and his/her enviroment at large. As the saying goes “you can’t give what you don’t have”, so if you don’t stay healthy and fit, the chances that you’ll feel good are slim and hence you can’t feed goodness into your surroundings.

4. Is too much exercising bad or good ?

Even the Bible lets us know that too much of everything isn’t good. So i think its important for everyone to answer the question *why do i want to exercise* because this will help you choose the right regiments and stay centred.

5. What’s the average time I should be exercise for ?

I think a keen understanding of your body type with respect to your genoloy comes into play here. For example some people exercise for long periods and see results they may feel don’t measure up to the amount of effort they put in while others put in way less effort for shorter periods of time and seem to see great results. Its all about your body type. I think most people don’t even know what their body type is so they pick the wrong type of regiments when exercising. Find out what your body type is and you’ll find out how long you need to exercise for per time

6. What’s the best time to exercise?

Well in truth this question is tricky to answer, mostly because the different realities we experience may call for different schedules (things like work, family life etc) but I’ve mostly found that the best time to exercise is anytime from dawn for however long you regiment demands. Basically in the morning before the sun is out and temperatures rise higher for the day.

7.Should I exercise constantly or when I feel like it?

It depends mostly on why you are exercising and your body type. Some reaaons for exercising require a bit more committment to a particular regiment and schedule if you’re going to see the desired results within the expected time. For example weight loss, shedding the weight is ironically easier than keeping the weight off, so depending on how strong your desire is to reach and or maintain a weight goal, you might need to be more constant with it than not. Basically it becomes a question of a lifestyle choice depending on what your goal is and how passionate you are about it.

Closing quote

“You can’t keep inputting the same variables into an equation and exoect a different result. You’re not a tree, you can move in different directions at any time. Change your routine and inputs for a differemt result, especially one you desire”

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