Things can never go back to the way to use be after this pandemic…………

.My name is garba Dorcas and I am a practicing journalist.


1.What have you been doing to pass time at the moment?

I try to read a lot of books for educational purposes and to improve my vocabulary,I also learn French on my own with the help of online apps.

2. What motivates you to keep pushing in a time like this ?

before the pandemic ,I use to be busy because I did not have the time to do what I am doing now so now that I have the time I motivate myself by doing all I always wanted to do when I never had the time cause I might not get this opportunity when this is over in a long time.

3. What do you think the government should do to help those who can afford smart devices to school from home?

A lot of people have smart phones but are unaware of the capability of a phone they can as well enlighten people on how to study effectively through their smart phones,the government should also make it compulsory for schools to make her students participate in online classes at this period.

4. Do you think society will go back to the way they use to be after this pandemic is over?

the pandemic has changed a lot of things a lot of people have lost their jobs as it is already,lives have been lost, with no doubt things will not remain as they use too but at the end of the day

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5. How has this pandemic affected you emotionally?

it has affected me positively and negatively.I learnt a lot of things I did not know I was capable of and been in a confine space without been able to go out is a lot of work than it seems .

6. Do u feel disoriented from the society due to this pandemic?

yes I do but I still try to make a schedule in the mist of all this.

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7. What has this pandemic taught you so far?

this pandemic has taught me that the little things we all neglected matters a lot I pay attention to details and people around me more and also a lot of people work daily to feed themselves and this pandemic has not been easy on them

8. What advice do you have for people struggling during this pandemic?

yes I do but still try to make a schedule in the mist of all this.

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