history shows that whenever such global or marked circumstances present themselves, things are changed as new lessons are learnt that help smart societies…………

My name is SP (Dr) Aladesanmi Adedapo, a veterinary surgeon working with the Force Animal Branch of the Nigeira Police. A native of Ekiti state, Ado-Ekiti to be precise who graduated from the veterinary medical school at the university of Ibadan.

I spend my free time reading freely, going out to places of relaxation, exercising to keep fit, listening to music and trying new things.

1. What have you been doing to pass time at the moment?

The answer to this is undoubtedly different for various people depending on the circumstances they live in, for me though, it’s been mostly business as usual with a few changes here and there owing mostly to the nature of my job as a law enforcement officer. Work for me hasn’t stopped, as expected, so i’ve mostly had to adjust to accommodate the parameters of my job description due to the occurence of the pandemic sweeping the globe. I have however had some more time to invest in some other extracurricular activities like exercising and reading more to improve on previously stiffled aspects of my interests.

2. What motivates you to keep pushing in a time like this ?

Well I think the biggest motivation i’ve had to keep on pressing has been hope that change is the most dynamic constant in life and just as things can change negatively, they can also change positively to create a whole new narrative.

3. What do you think the government should do to help those who can’t afford smart devices to school from home?

Well, I think practical simple solutions like making use of all other pre-existing forms of media today will go a long way and a lot faster in reaching a wider base of students stuck at home today due to the present circumstances. Take the radio for instance, the govermment has its own radio frequencies through which it can broadcast lessons at little or no cost. Government owned TV stations can also be used in the same manner. These are cheaper and easily actionable ways of reaching a wider audience of students currently out of school due to the guidelines put in place to combat this pandemic. The responsibility shouldn’t lie solely with the government though, huge private corprations have also profitted off of this land for decades now and should be able to pitch in as part of a coordinated effort to increase the coverage, even if they do it as part of the CSR quota they are required to fill per time.

4. Do you think society will go back to the way they use to be after this pandemic is over?

I think if they do, then it’d show we have learnt nothing from this occurrence. Its however unlike though, since history shows that whenever such global or marked circumstances present themselves, things are changed as new lessons are learnt that help smart societies build plans and take actions different from those they lived by before in hopes that they can create better living conditions for themselves and protect their civilization against possible similar occurrences in the future. In essence, the wise will learn and push for better, hopefully not at the expense of others.

5. What has this pandemic taught you so far?

That life as we know it is very fragile and all of our man made constructs are build on foundations that can be shaken at any time by predictable and unforseen circumstances.

6. How has this pandemic affected you emotionally?

It’s always sad to see humanity suffer different spectrums of a situation at the same time. While it seems some have unfair advantages, others seem to bear the brunt of the consequences of various actions and or happenings. But life maintains a balance and the fact that everyone has the propensity to affect their surroundings positively keeps me hoping.

7. . Do u feel disoriented from the society due to this pandemic?

I feel we all have different ways of dealing or through which we have to deal with these things owing mostly to the different circumstances we live in. For me though, I’m fairly confident that despite the coming changes bound to take place, there’s still a lot of opportunity to build on my dreams and live a happily.

8. What advice do you have for people struggling during this pandemic?

This too shall pass, do not let the light of hope be put out. History has proven that one instant can change things also for the better.

My closing remark to the world at large is one of the quotes that really resonates with me, it says, “learn from your past so you can ammend your present and prepare diligently for the future”. Thank you

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