I feel disoriented, I had plans, I should have been busy but due to the pandemic…………….

I am Bernard Ndukwe. An aspiring Actor, a presenter and filmmaker.

1. What have you been doing to pass time at the moment?

Not so much really, i read sometimes, social media and literally lazy around

2. What motivates you to keep pushing in a time like this ?

The truth is when i remember that i haven’t got to where i want to be in life and I’m still breathing, and there’s God…. that’s kinda what keeps me going.

3. What do you think the government should do to help those who can afford smart devices to school from home?

The government should step in properly like we have the money. Imagine they still pay them senators, government workers and whatnot even give them their allowances… that’s unfair for me other countries are challenging all their money into the people and making them feel alright. Government should provide devices and internet, period.

4. Do you think society will go back to the way they use to be after this pandemic is over?

No, it can’t. Like alot of things will change, people will definitely up their Hygiene game.

5. What has this pandemic taught you so far?

It messed me up in the beginning so much but now it’s better. I was so scared even before it entered Nigeria, i remember having like two nightmares about the virus in Nigeria sometimes in January… It made me so scared, uncertain about lots of things…i was almost depressed at some point.

6. Do u feel disoriented from the society due to this pandemic?

Yes, i feel disoriented. I had lots of of plans like i should have been busy with some projects and other stuff but I’m here locked up in the house. I planned my year kinda but staying at home for months was never in the plan.

7.What advice do you have for people struggling during this pandemic?

Where there is life, there is Hope. I know you might be feeling very uncertain and all that but just keep Hope alive, learn something online or have more rest. Use this time reflect and make better plans and please be Safe. Remember God.

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