What do you have or know that can generate income for you?

I know you had plans for 2020 before the pandemic, now it has changed the way we live and socialize. During this pandemic people are looking for a way to generate incomes, some have lost their jobs, in some countries schools are closed, let’s just say a lot of things have changed but don’t let it change you.

Find a way to make yourself busy and happy a lot of people have been separated from their families, loved ones they can’t travel to see them and that has caused a lot change in their lives.

What is your talent?
How are you making use of it?
How can you improve from it?
What are the changes you want to see happen in your life?
How can you generate income from it ?

You is your talent?

A lot of times we can’t really say what is our talent but this simply means what do you do that drives joy to you? What you do with ease.

Once you discover this the next thing is to ask yourself is ….

How am I making use of it ?

Your talent is not going to wait for you if you don’t explore it, there’s no time to wait for the right time or month for instance if love to bake you have to start somewhere to improve on it, you don’t have to wait to say you most own a big factory like Cake Boss, start little.

Learn how to improve your talent everyday, if you bake a cake for instance as a baker and you don’t like the taste ask yourself now can make it taste a sweeter,what ingredients can I use to make it soft and so on.

Don’t let this pandemic weigh you down, some the looks of it, it’s not going anytime soon we can only learn to leave with it,STOP waiting for the pandemic to be over for you to start living or carrying out those plans

Do you know that there are a lot of companies making money and growing from this pandemic,some of them have made of them this is their best year of sales than any previous year before. The question you should ask yourself is how did they do it,make research read books, ask questions.

How the big question is How can you generate income from your talent?

I’m not going to bore you with big celebrities examples and now you drive to become, yes those are good examples a driving force, you have to look at your environment, your setting and how to tend to improve from it.

I want to use myself for instance I like to research and ask questions then I wrote down habits that I can use to improve myself and my blog every, I started blogging since 2017 and I want to make money from so I started research on now I can make money from my blog and I found out affiliate programs yes it a good thing but I needed to learn now it works, now I can paste banner on my blog from it I can say it has been awesome and I’m looking forward to meet my target before the end of this year even with the pandemic I’m not going to let it weigh me down.

I hope you found this article useful to you, if there’s anything you want to learn about maybe blogging or affiliate programs leave a comment below and I will be delighted to respond and put you through it.


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