Apple event; Apple releases new Apple series watches but no……….

For the first time in history at the Apple event of the unfolding of new gadgets released by Apple but no iPhone 12 was released.

The long awaiting excitement for Apple users for the unfolding of the new iPhone 12 left the audience in shocked when the expected iPhone wasn’t released.

Here some the new Apple watches released in the Apple event to look out for,

  • That’s alongside the new Apple Watch 6, which should have a longer-lasting battery thanks to the new S6 chipset inside – alongside a blood oxygen sensor, which can spot diseases by monitoring the level of O2 in your blood.
  • There’s a new iPad Air 4 (2020), which is taking the key elements of the iPad Pro and bringing them to a lower price point – plus using the new A14 Bionic chipset we expect to power the new iPhone 12.
  • And there’s also a new ‘new iPad, the basic model in the range, which has received a few enhancements inside the 10.2-inch screen.
  • Intriguingly, we did get the vaunted Apple One subscription service, where you can bundle up your Apple services in one place and save some money – alongside that is Fitness+, which takes the metrics from your Apple Watch and puts them on your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV screen and gives you real time feedback on what’s going on with your health right in front of your eyes.
  • The new range of software – from iOS 14to iPadOS 14 to WatchOS 7 to tvOS 14 – are all being made available tomorrow, Wednesday September 15.
  • Intriguingly, we didn’t get the Apple AirTags – what’s going on with them? Surely they should have made an appearance by now? But… once again a no show.(

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